MORC Creations is an Australian software development company started in the year 2000 and producing niche based applications.

The MORC Creations company logo is shown on the left and is an Australian Echidna riding a Harley Motorcycle

Initially MORC Creations focused primarily on external Programming, Business Analysis, Technical Writing and Project Management Contracts.

Over the coming years consulting work in these areas was performed at a range of Melbourne companies including:

  • Monash Universities Occupation Health and Safety Department

  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

  • Catholic Church Insurance

  • Zedmed Medical Software 

  • Frontier Software Payroll Development

In late 2010 MORC Creations developed an early version of the Graduate Research Information Tracking Software, then written in a programming language called Delphi. This application was designed to track and manage many aspects of research worked based projects and at the time was called 'GRITS' for short. .

Later in 2014 the Graduate Research Information Tracking Software was rewritten using Microsoft's Visual Studio, C# and the Telerik component set. Version 1 of this application was publicly released as in late 2014 through the MORC Creations website. This product was latter renamed as My Research Tracker.

The development of a second MORC Creations software package called My Novel Writer came in late 2015 and was designed for the planning and management of different types of novels and books. Version 1 of the My Novel Writer software was released in mid 2016, again through the MORC Creations website.

In early 2018 the first prototype of the Universe Builder application was created more as a proof of concept application than a primary application. A completely new production version of the Universe Builder application started development in late 2018 with the first release available in early 2019. 

In early 2019 version 1.0 of the My Collections application was developed. This application was specifically developed with collectors of all kinds of items in mind. Being fully user configurable the My Collections application allows collectors to store both images and properties about their collection items. This application was released in mid 2019, again through the MORC Creations website.

During 2020 our new My Slot Cars application was developed. This application is designed specifically for collectors of slot cars and slot car accessories, be it Scalextric, Carrera, AFX or any other type of slot car.. This application allows you to store and manage extensive information about your slot cars and slot car accessories, including being able to store up to 20 photographs of any item, along with the ability to create multiple slot car and accessory templates. This application also allows you to record multiple slot car configurations you may use at different races along with the details of those races and their race results. The My Slot cars application also has a built in My Track designer and is  due for release in March 2020.  

Also developed in late 2020 and into 2021 and due for release in March 2021 is our My Task Tracker application allows you to create a manage extensive task lists using multiple customisable task type templates. This product will be released free of charge through the MORC Creations website. 

During this same period, 2020 and into 2021, we also developed our latest product, the My Puppy application, designed for dog lovers who wish to track a wide variety of information about their beloved furry friend. This product is scheduled for release last April 2021.

Currently also in development at MORC Creations is:

  • My Research Tracking version 3.0

  • My Novel Writer version 3.0

  • Universe Builder version 2.0

  • My Collections version 2.0

  • My Kitten

  • My Club Manager

All of the above products are due for release during 2021.

Other new products still in development at MORC Creations and current without a release date include:

  • My Help Builder

  • My Project Manager

  • My Robotic Controller

  • My Pets Life