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Note: Once you've purchased a version of this product you will then receive an email containing a link to the location where you can download the product. 

The My Research Tracker software application is designed to help you manage your research projects - for example if you are doing research for tertiary studies or professional development.


Store the following research project information:

  • Research Items

  • Research Notes

  • Research Meetings

  • Research Tasks

  • Research Publication Items

  • Research Glossary

  • Manage My Conference Items

  • Manage My Journal Items

  • Customise any of the above items with any properties you want


  • Hold all your research information in a single place

  • Customise the way you wish your information to be held using user defined fields in any of the above research item types

  • Track research project through  information entered into application.

  • Track tasks you need to perform and their status.

  • Record meeting events their details including attendees, action items and who they are assigned to and then their outcomes.

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