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MY SLOT CARS Version 2.0 

My Slot Car Product Features

Features included in the My Slot Car application include:

  • The Slot Car Collection Navigator which allows for the easy grouping of Slot Cars and Accessories in multiple ways using folders and meta tags all in a single view.

  • Manage more extensive detailed information about each Slot Car or Accessories using the Edit Slot Car / Accessory Details page.

  • Both the Edit Slot Car and Accessory Details screens contain the following information tabs:

    • General Information​: Provide general information about the item including a Primary Image.

    • Pictures: save up to 20 pictures of any item.

    • Purchase Information: Record purchase information and, when needed, sales information about the item.

    • Parts & Setup: Store parts and setup information about any Slot Car.

    • Notes: Store multiple separate notes about any Slot Car or Accessory 

    • Race Results: Store multiple trace result against any Slot Car. including the drivers who attended the meeting, its location and time and notes.

    • User Defined Properties: Add any additional properties to a Slot Car or Accessory you need.

    • Links: Create Links between any of you items or even to outside applications, images, or websites. 

In addition there is much more functionality available to you to help you store and manage your slot car collection. This includes:

  • Manage My Tracks:  The Manage Tracks Module allows you to store and manage your own track designs and track designs of other tracks. This includes information such as

    • track size and length

    • store up to 10 pictures of each track

    • create multiple User Define Properties

    • enter track notes

  • Graphical Dashboard: A Graphical Dashboard shows graphs of individual or combined Slot Car collection items 

  • Search Feature: A Search feature allows you to search for items across one or  more collection sets.

  • Project Ideas: The Project Ideas screen lets you store multiple project ideas so you do not forget them for later.

  • Glossary: The Glossary screen allows you to define words and phrases specific to Slot Car collections.

  • Task List: The Task List screen allows you to create multiple task lists each containing one or more task items.

  • User Management: The User Management section allow for the creation and management of the My Slot Cars application users, including:

    • Management of User Passwords

    • Setting account to be active or inactive 

  • User Form Customisation: The My Slot Cars application contains extensive Form action customisation feature, including:

    • Which forms to automatically open on application start up.​

    • Where docking forms should dock when first opened

  • User Interface Customisation: The My Slot Cars application contains extensive Form UI customisation feature, including:.

    • Form Titles​

    • Form Fields

    • Tooltips

    • Screen Messages

    • Application Theming

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