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Note: Once you've purchased a version of this product you will then receive an email containing a link to the location where you can download the product. 

Writing and editing a book, novel or play can be a daunting prospect, especially if you haven't done it before. My Novel Writer is an application that lets you plan and manage the writing of novels, books and plays.


  • Create and manage your book structure in the My Novel Writer book navigator

  • Define you book title, description, and various properties in the book properties window

  • Define what prologue and appendix pages you will have in your book

  • Define chapter by chapter and section by section summary and overview information

  • Define chapter by chapter and section by section information using customizable notecards. The type of cards you may create may include:

    • Actors interactions in this scene

    • Actors motivation

    • Location information

    • Etc

  • Use the story board to map out events in your book and the order in which they occur using customizable storyboard cards

  • Maintain an action  to do list to track what tasks you need to complete



  • Lets you map out the structure of your book using the book outlines

  • Map out characters, events and locations for our book including entering and saving images

  • Create location, character and event templates

  • Creates a world in which you can write your book

  • Use the story board functionality to map out events in your book using customisable story board cards.

  • Move cards around on story board using drag and drop to re-order the events the way you wish to see them.

  • Use the book information stored in  this application as a complete book reference guide as your write your actual book.


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