MORC Creations: Best Pet Competition Entries

My Pet Story: Gayna

And the winner is Nick Blain with his wonderful story about Arlo! Congratulations Nick and your $100 Pet Barn Gift Card will be on its way to you soon.

 by Adrian Deakes

I have a beautiful 7 year old black lab called Gayna. She is the absolute apple of my eye as well as my trusty shadow. But that’s not to say she hasn’t had her moments especially as a puppy she just would break my pots when l planted something new in them and then just give me those big brown puppy dog eyes as if to say “ it wasn’t me l’m a good girl “, those eyes just melt me and l couldn’t stay cross at her. She also has a thing for stealing cushions and shoes not to destroy but just to enjoy carrying them around… she makes me just laugh and she is the best.


My Pet Story: The day I took my dog for a walk and came home with a chicken

 by Sophie Swinton

It was a Wednesday afternoon, I just got home off the school bus and was about to take my dog butch for a walk. We treked off on our journey around the housing estate. 30 minutes into our walk and I stop by a chicken. A random chicken that was in the middle of crossing the road. (How ironic, I know right) Now, this was super weird, at the time the state I lived in had no farm land and all of the blocks of land were relatively small. What was a chicken doing crossing the road in the middle of an estate!? Anyways, 14 year old me at the time was very intrigued- stopped and took a couple of photos to ‘meme’ to my friends about my findings. Carrying on our journey, about 20 minutes later I turn around to see the chicken FOLLOWING US! It followed us all that way. I’m now 10 minutes away from home, I’m holding my 3 month old puppy Butch in one hand, and the CHICKEN in the other. How could innocent me leave this poor chicken alone? Anyways, I approach my front door and open in. “Mum! I brought a chicken home!” You should’ve seen the look on my mums face.. Note: 14 year old me decided to film pretty much the whole adventure. The quality is quite bad because it was years ago!


Forever love

 by Biana Cain

We adopted Armani in a very bad way. Had her rescued the day before she was due to be PTS for forever. It was love at first sight. She is 11mths old with multiple tail breaks and burn marks on her back legs.


Pet Tharapy

 by Nick Blain 

Arlo is my cancer service dog and we visit cancer patients at the hospitals bringing a bit of happiness in a different way Arlo the cancer service dog on Instagram



 by Yvonne Walton

My beautiful baby girl was named after our last cat. She picked us my Attaching herself on to me and fighting off all the other 45 or so other kittens at the SPCA here in Timaru. She snuggle up to me and would let any other kittens come near me and my girls. We decided to get her but the the people from the SPCA said they were closing so we had to come back at 5 pm to get her. We arrived at 4:30 and was never going to let anyone else get her. She is a beautiful five year old cat now and by god if another cat cone on to our property watch out she will be chasing them off. She goes over next door and chases the 4 cats there off there own property. Our last cat was black as well so that is how she got her name Ditto meaning the same as.