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MY PUPPY Version 2.0

Note: Once you've purchased a version of this product you will then receive an email containing a link to a secure location where you can download the product. 




The My Puppy application is designed for all you dog lovers out there. This Microsoft Windows based desktop application stores and tracks a whole range of information about your beloved friend, including:

  • General Puppy Data:

    • General information: Name,  DOB, Breed, Home Address

    • Owner Information

    • User-defined Properties

    • Notes

    • Links

  • Weight and Size Measurements: Store and graph ongoing measurements of weight and length and height of you puppy.

  • Sleeping Habits: Store and graph your puppies sleeping habits.

  • Exercise Routines: Store and graph our puppies exercise routines.

  • Training: Store and graph ongoing how you puppy's training is going.

  • Tricks: Store and graph new tricks that you puppy learns and then masters.

  • Medical Records: Store your puppy's medical records, including health fund claimable refund components.



  • Vaccination Records: Store and track your puppy's medical vaccination.

  • Financial Expenditure: Track financials and the money you've spent on your puppy.

  • Photo Galleries: Create one or more photo galleries and store up to 20 photographs in each gallery.

  • Puppy Navigator: The My Puppy application also includes a Puppy Navigator which provides quick access to all your puppy information through a handy tree structure. You can even expand nodes within the tree and see all your data in that group.

















  • User-defined Properties: All the main data forms also allow for the addition of one or more user-defined data fields.

  • Graphs: Many of the main data forms include the ability to graph the data in various forms.












The My Puppy application is also fully configurable with additional fields being able to be added to all the main information screens.

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