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MY SLOT CARS Version 2.0

Note: Once you've purchased this product you will receive an email containing a link to the location from where you can download this product. 

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MORC Creations My Slot Cars application has been specifically designed with the Slot Car Collector in mind.

As the CEO of MORC Creations I am very excited about this product as I am personally a big collector of Slot Cars, particularly Scalextric and Carrera branded items. In my collection I currently have over two hundred items, including not only Cars and Track, but also Catalogues, Books and Accessories, such as buildings, figures and other slot car memorability. I have had a great deal of input into this new product to ensure that it allows for storage and management of all different types of cars, tracks and accessories,

Our My Slot Cars application gives you an extensive range of functionality to assist you in storing and managing your slot car items.

Included in My Slot Cars Version 4.0 are the following new features and updates:

  • New Graphical Track Designer

  • New "Cars and Accessories I want" section

  • New Race Driver section 

  • Enhanced Race section

  • Enhanced Export functionality

  • Extended Product configurability

  • Ability to create internal links

  • Ability to customise screen messages

  • Updated help functionality

  • New Installer

See My Slot Cars V4 Release Notes above for all the new and updated version 4.0 features and updates.

Below is shown an image of the main My Slot Cars application screen with the Slot Car Collection Navigator docked on the left side of the screen and the main slot car information editor open in the middle of the screen.

Click here for more information about My Slot Cars Version 2.0

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