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Note: Once you've purchased a version of this product you will then receive an email containing a link to the location where you can download the product. 

Note Text 128 c p.png

My Sticky Notes Version 2.0 is greatly enhanced from Version 1.0. Now you can add images and full text formatting to your notes, along with changing font types and sizes and even text foreground and background colors.

Look at the new Formatting toolbars at the bottom of the My Sticky Notes screen and you can see all the new functionality we've added. Just compare the new My Sticky Notes Version 2 screen on the left to Version 1.0 on the right and you can see where all our hard work has gone!


In addition to the upgraded Note functionality we've also created this brand new My Sticky Note Visualizer. Now you can see and interact with all your notes in one single place!

Functionality within the My Stick Notes Visualizer includes:

  • Creating New Notes

  • Opening Existing Notes

  • Deleting Existing Notes

  • Search Box to aid in quickly finding the note you want.

  • Select a Note and hover offer it and the tooltip even tells you the path to your note.

  • Managing Settings allows you to define the font and font size in the Notes list

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