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Note: Once you've purchased a version of this product you will then receive an email containing a link to the location where you can download the product. 

Download My Task Tracker Version 2.0 For Free

MORC Creations is proud to announce the release My Task Tracker Version 2.0.  

With the My Task Tracker application you can create multiple Task Lists each with multiple tasks.

Updates to My Task Tracker Version 2.0


New Functionality:

Internal Links: Ability to create internal links. The new Create Internal Links functionality in My Task Tracker V2.0 allows for the creation of internal links for task Items within the My Task Tracker V2.0 application.


Export: Ability to export a complete Task List or selected Task Items in either XML or Text format


Updated Functionality:


  • Edit note items: 

    • Property icon in list screen

    • Notes icon in list screen

    • Links icon in list screen

  • Extended Task Screen management.

  • Increased font size on all screens.

  • Items in drop down list now the same size as drop-down list header.

  • Additional screen images where previously missing.

My Task Tracker Product Features

Each task item includes detailed task information including a task image and allows for the addition of multiple task properties and the ability to customize all task fields, messages and tooltips.


Features included in the new My Task Tracker application include:

  • Ability to create multiple Task Lists.

  • Create, group and view all your tasks through the Task Navigator.

















  • Each Task item can include:

    • Task Details

    • Task Image

    • Task Type

    • Task Status

    • Percentage Complete

    • User-define Task Properties.

    • Multiple Task Notes

    • Multiple Task Links

  • Create one or more task templates

  • Project ideas module for storing future project ideas.​

  • Customise which forms open on application start-up, set the editors font and define where docking forms dock when opened

  • Press F1 in any screen and open the comprehensive Help Screen

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