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Have you got a collection of old stamps or coins scattered around the place? Wishing you had a way of having them catalogued together in a single place.
With the My Collections desktop software you can now create and manage your favourite Collections Sets all in one place. A Collection Sets may consist of anything ranging from your favourite coin or stamp collections or even your car or motorbike collection.
With the My Collections software you can tailor the type of information you wish to store about each of your collection items to suite your own personal needs.  
Every Collection Set within the My Collections software can consist of multiple collection item types, with each item type having its own sets of properties, notes and links.
Use the Collection Set Navigator to group collection items into folders and sub-folders allowing for ease of searching and retrieving.
All forms, form field labels and tool tips within the My Collections application are fully customisable so you may make the application look and feel exactly the way you want it to be.

Features include:

  • Create and Manage Collection Sets
  • Building Collection Sets using the Collection Set Navigator 
  • Create Collection Set items
  • Create Collection Set Item Information Pages
  • Create and Manage Collection Set Item Templates  
  • Customise form titles 
  • Customise form field labels
  • Customise Tool Tips

Benefits include:

  • Allow you to organise your collection in a digital format

  • Group collections in a single place

  • Use the Collection Navigator to group similar items within your collection

    • in your stamp collection create a folder for different stamp years: 1970, 1971 etc

  • View your collection item information in any way you want using the item template and property fields

  • Store up to 20 images with  every collection item

See the attached version 4.0 Release Notes to see our latest updates!

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