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Black Month November 2021 Sale

HI MORC Creations followers, as a special event for the month of November in hon0ur of the Black Friday sales, here at MORC Creations we are having a Black Month Sale.

That's right for every day of November, from the 1st to the 30th, we will be discounting ALL our products down to just $1 each.

So what do you get for $1 dollar?

The full and latest complete version of our product, So if you have been thinking about buying 1 or more MORC Creations software products then why wait - strike while the irons hot and buy one or more of our products today for just $1 each? 

But Wait there's More!

For every MORC Creations product you buy this month for just $1 you'll also receive a 50% discount on the next version of that product when it comes out in 2022 - just check out our 2022 proposed release schedule. to see what's coming next year.

So why not purchase one or more of our fantastic MORC Creations products from the list below:

Universe Builder

If you're into sci-fi and fantasy games, Universe Builder is the application for you! Use it to build your very own fantasy or sci-fi universes for a novel you're working on, or for building a new game to share with friends or the world! Universes created with the Universe Builder software may be of any size from a room right up to a full galaxy.

My Slot Cars

Our My Slot Cars application gives you an extensive range of functionality to assist you in storing and managing your slot car items.





My Puppy, My Kitten and My Pet

The My Puppy, My Kitten and My Pet applications are designed for all you animal lovers out there. These Microsoft Windows based desktop applications enable you to stores and tracks a whole range of information about your beloved friend.

My Collections
With the My Collections desktop software you can now create and manage your favourite Collections Sets all in one place. These Collection Sets may consist of anything ranging from your favourite coin or stamp collections or even your car or motorbike collection. With the My Collections software you can tailor the type of information you wish to store about each of your collection items to suite your own personal needs.  
My Novel Writer
Writing and editing a book, novel or play can be a daunting prospect, especially if you haven't done it before. My Novel Writer is an application that lets you plan and manage the writing of novels, books and plays.


My Research Tracker

The My Research Tracker software application is designed to help you manage your research projects - for example if you are doing research for tertiary studies or professional development. ​Features include; Research project information:, Research Items, Notes, Meetings, Tasks, Publications and much more.

My Notebook

The My Notebook application allows you to digitally store and manage your notes, including the ability to create differen niebooks, notebook sections and customised pages.

My Sticky Notes 

MORC Creations new ​My Sticky Notes is a Microsoft Windows based application which allows you to create multiple small notes directly on your desktop, with each not stored in its own note panel. This product is available free of charge.


My Task Tracker

​With the My Task Tracker application you can create multiple Task Lists each with multiple tasks. Each task item includes detailed task information including a task image and allows for the addition of multiple task properties and the ability to customize all task fields, messages and tooltips.

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