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Continued Koala Sponsorship

Happy Friday MORC Creations followers,

Welcome to this week’s posts. In this post we would like to highlight a very worthwhile cause, the Koala Hospital at Port Macquarie.

After last year’s devastating bushfires in many parts of Australia we lost many Koalas and other Australia native animals. Only through the dedicated work of people such as those at the Koala Hospital and many others like them have injured and lost Australian animals been able to be saved.

Last year MORC Creations was delighted to be able to sponsor two Koalas:

Kooloonbung Tasha

Emerald Downs Mary

A year on and I am delighted to announce that we have now renewed our sponsorship of these two beautiful koalas for another year. We at MORC Creations are pleased to be able to offer our support to the Koala Hospital at Port Macquarie to help them with their wonderful work and we would urge our MORC Creations followers to do the same.

If you are unable to afford to sponsor a koala for an entire year, then please consider making at least as small donation to help this wonderful place keep their doors open and continue saving one of Australia’s favourite animals.



MORC Creations

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