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Error In My Novel Writer 2 Trial Version.

Unfortunately there is an error in the latest release of the My Novel Writer Trial Version. This version of the My Novel Writer Trial Version product automatically expires the application without giving you the 14 day trial period.

Please download the new NovelWrite.mdb file and put this file the the My Novel Writer app_data folder. You can find this folder under the application folder in either your C; or D: drive, depending on where you installed the My Novel; Writer Trial version.

The directory path should look something like this, depending on which drive you installed it in, C or D..

(C or D):\Program Files (x86)\MORC Creations\Novel Writer V2 Trial\Novel Writer V2 Trial\App_Data

Please copy this new database file over the existing MDB file in the App_data directory and then rerun the My Novel; Writer Trail Version and you should now have a 14 day trial period. Please contact us if you have any problems with this.

Please go here to download the new DB file..

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