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For Sale: My Novel Writer & My Research Tracker - Complete with Application Code & Development Tools

Have you ever wanted to start your own software company but not sure where to start? Do you already have a software company and want to add some new products to your product range?

Well now is your chance as MORC Creations is offering two of its products, My Novel Writer and My Research Tracker, up for sale - complete with all source code and development tools!

My Novel Writer

Information relating to My Novel Writer can be found at:

My Research Tracker

Information relating to My Research Tracker can be found at:

With the upcoming release of a range of new products this year by MORC Creations, including My Slot Cars 2020, My Universe Builder Version 2, My Digital Diary and a number of other new and updated products, we have found ourselves in the situation where our development team is currently more focused on our new products and less so on updating our current product range.

Thus, we have made the difficult decision to offer up for sale 2 of our current and popular products for sale - lock, stock and barrel! For the luck person or company that purchases My Novel Writer and / or My Research Tracker they will receive the latest complete product versions, with fully compilable and executable code, along with full set of help files..

Each of these products come with the following items:

1. Main application code, complete and current source code, including features which have not yet been released.

2. Application trial version source code

3. License builder source code

4. Complete product help file written in Help&Manual Version 7.0

We will also provide assistance to get the purchased product installed, compiling and running on your computer(s), with additional assistance available for code updates and modification at an agreed rate, if required.


These products are written using Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, C#, MS-SQL and the Telerik component set.

If you would like more information about purchasing these product please contact me at MORC Creations by email at


John Gill


MORC Creations

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