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Further Update For MY SLOT CARS 2020

MORC Creations is proud to announce the near completion of development on the new My Slot Cars 2020 application.

Product development has gone so well that we have moved forward our release date to be before the end of the of first quarter of 2020. We are hoping to have the first release available to our customers by around mid-April 2020.

Unlike our very popular My Collections software, which can be tailored to create any Collection Set Type you wish, from books to stamps to coins etc,, the My Slot Cars 2020 application has been specifically designed with the Slot Car Collector in mind.

I am personally a big collector of Slot Cars, particularly Scalextric and Carrera branded items. In my collection I currently have over two hundred items, including not only Cars and Track, but also catalogues, books and accessories, such as buildings, figures and other slot car memorability and I find at time tracking all my items difficult - now I will have the perfect software to assist me in recording and tracking these items..

My Slot cars 2020 gives you and extensive range of functionality to assist you in storing and managing you slot car items.

Features included in My Slot Car 2020 include:

  • Ability to create multiple slot car collections.

  • Add new Slot Cars or Accessories quickly through the single Add New Sot Car / Accessory screens.

  • An inbuilt Slot Car Collection Navigator allows you to easily group your slot cars and Accessories in multiple ways using folders and meta tags and see them all in one view.

  • Manage more detailed information about each of your Slot Cars and Accessories through the Edit Slot Car / Accessory Details pages.

Both the Edit Slot Car Details and Edit Accessory Details support the following information tabs:

  • General Information​: Provide general information about the item including a Primary Image.

  • Pictures: save up to 20 pictures of any item.

  • Purchase Information: Record purchase information and, when needed, sales information about the item.

  • Parts & Setup: Store parts and setup information about any Slot Car.

  • Notes: Store multiple separate notes about any Slot Car or Accessory 

  • Race Results: Store multiple trace result against any Slot Car. including the drivers who attended the meeting, its location and time and notes.

  • User Defined Properties: Add any additional properties to a Slot Car or Accessory you need.

  • Links: Create Links between any of you items or even to outside applications, images, or websites. 


On top of all this there is much more functionality available to you, including:

  • A My Tracks Module which allows you to store and manage your own track designs which includes track size and length information along with the ability to store up to 10 pictures of each track.

  • A Graphical Dashboard, which graphically display individual or combined Slot Car collection items 

  • A Search feature which can be used to search across one or multiple collection sets at one time.

  • Project Ideas Module

  • Glossary Module

  • Task List Module

  • Add additional User defined tools, such as external applications , image or website which are accessible directly form the Main application ribbon bar.

For further information and to register to be one of the first people to download the new My Slot Car 2020 product, simple follow this link and complete and submit you details to MORC Creations:

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