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Happy Friday, February 2021 - MORC Creations Update

Hi MORC Creation Followers,

Well with January almost complete for 2021 its time to give you the January MORC Creations activity summary.

We have now onboarded our new part-time developer Eric. He is currently doing some work on the My Collections Hub online website after which he will begin working with us on creating the new My Club Manager Online website. This is the online component of our new My Club Manager package suite designed for the management of all different types of clubs, whether it be a book club, a cycling club a walking club or a motorcycle club. This software suite will consist of both a Windows desktop version along with a My Club Manager Online version, with data being able to be exported between the two platforms. More information on this product will be coming in the following weeks.

In addition, we have also advertised for, and have now short listed, a part-time social media specialist who can help further promote our brand and increase product awareness and sales. We have reduced the list down to two applicants and should have selected someone by early next week. Just watch this space for more details very soon.

We our also proud to announce that not have we completed all development work for the new My Slot Cars product release due for March this year, but we have now also completed all the online user help along with the trial version of the product. A complete version of the product manual is available on the MORC Creations website download page at All that remains is the creation of the two product installers, which I am hoping we'll have complete next week, and the updating of the MORC Creations My Slot Cars web pages and we’ll be ready for release – great work by the MORC Creations Team!!

Finally, I would like to let you about a completely new, completely free product MORC Creations is releasing at the end of February this year. The new My Task Tracker application is a Windows based desktop application which allows you to create and manage multiple task lists. These lists can contain as many task items as you like with tasks being able to be grouped into folders and tasks sets as desired. You can even set up task templates and prefill your task items with specific data or information when you create them. Watch for a more extensive post on this product early next week.

Happy weekend everybody



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