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MORC Creations Back For 2021

Hello MORC Creations followers!

I hope you have all kept safe and well over the last few months with the current COVID-19 pandemic which is sweeping the world.

Its been quite a while since there's been any posts here and I apologise for that. The last post was back in April this year - some 8 months ago.

So what's been happening at MORC Creations over that time?

Well due to the COVID-19 virus we've scaled back a lot of the work we had been doing and have only been going with minimum staffing. Unfortunately this is severely reduce our progress on some of our products and put us back on our release schedule. Hopefully we will be able to play catch up in 2021..

So where are things at with MORC Creations now and what's happening in 2021?

Now that things are greatly improved here in Melbourne Australia in regards to Covid-19 we are again ramping up with our work schedule for 2021.

For 2021 the following existing products will have new version releases coming out throughout the year::

  • Universe Builder - Version 3.0 due for release mid August 2021

  • My Collections - Version 2.0 due for release early April 2021

  • My Novel Writer - Version 3.0 due for release Mid May 2021

  • My Research Tracker - Version 3,0 due for release end of May 2021

What about new MORC Creations software applications?

In addition to the products outlined above, 2021 will see the long awaited and somewhat delayed first full release of the My Slot Cars application. The My Slot Cars application will be released in Mid March 2021.

Also in 2021 MORC Creations is set to develop and release a new product called My Club Manager. This new software application, due for release in the third quarter of 2021, will come as both a My Club Manager Windows desktop version and a matching My Club Manager online version. The My Club Manager application allows for the management of all types of clubs; such as a book club, cycling club or car club, through the use of extensive user customisable forms and fields.

The My Club Manager application will contain the following features:

  • Storage and maintenance of all club details including custom club properties,

  • Generic and custom member details, customisable by you to suit your specific club

  • Club event planning and execution

  • Club financials

  • Creation and distribution of club newsletters

  • Access to the club information for members through a special customisable members portal (online version only)

  • Data exchange and synchronisation between the My Club Manager desktop version and the on-line version, allowing for offline work.

  • Fully customisable user interface including form and screen names, field labels, and help and tool tip text.

Watch for more details of this new product in coming blogs.

And finally in 2021 MORC Creations will be expanding into the development of iOS iPhone, iPad and Mac applications. Further details on this will be released in upcoming blogs and Posts in early January 2021.

With 2021 fast approaching MORC Creations is now finalising our development planning and setup for 2021.

In 2021 we will again be operating as normal so watch out for regular posts outlining new product features, development progress and release dates, along with competitions and other events at MORC Creations software..

Kind regards,

John Gill

CEO MORC Creations Software

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