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My Collection V 3.0 Release Notes

Release Notes for My Collections Version 3.0 Released May 2021: New Functionality: Dashboard Functionality: New Dashboard screen includes functionality to graphically displays item information either for all Collections at once or for a selected collection.

Search Functionality: New Search screen provides ability to search for items in one or more collections by Title, Property or Link values or any combination of these.

Create Collection Set Wizard: New Create Collections Set Wizard provides a step by step process for creating new collection sets along with a matching collection set item template.

Collection Item Tags: New Collection Item Tags functionality allows collection items to be tagged in multiple ways. This new functionality includes creating multiple tag items and adding them to collection items. Information Page: Updated editor bar to a more extensive editor ribbon bar. Collection Item Properties Page Docking: The Collections Item Properties page is now a dockable page. Open Collection Navigator Button: New Open Collections Navigator button is available from the My Collection ribbon bar. Login Screen Open In Navigator Option: New ability to optionally open the selected Collection Set in the Collection Set Navigator. Close Collection Set Prompt: Close Collections Set functionality now prompts with Close Collection screen before closing the collection. Updated Functionality: Updated Toolbar Icons Sizes: Updated toolbar icons sizes in the following screens: ·Collection Navigator ·Text Assistant ·Glossary ·Task List ·Project Ideas Display Toolbar Button Text: Ability to display / hide toggle button text on the following screens: - Collection Navigation - Text Assistant - Glossary - Task List - Project Ideas Superscript & Subscript Icons: Updated superscript & subscript icons are all the editors. Collection Navigator Icons: Added larger toolbar button icons. Collection Navigator Button Text: Added text under each of the toolbar buttons. Collection Items Properties Screen: Fixed issues with Properties Context menu not working. Form Options Screen: Improve manage docking forms tab functionality. Open Collection List: Added display of Collection Set Description when Collection Set selected from list. Manage Task Status Screen: Added Task Status list icons. Add Task Status Screen: Added Task Status screen icon. Manage Task Category Screen: Added Task Category list icons. Add Task Category Screen: Added Task Category screen icon. Manage User Screen: Added User list icons. Add / Edit User Screen: Added User Icon. Manage Tags Screen: Add Tags list icons. Open Collection Set Screen: Improved icons. Manage Collections Screen: Added Manage Collections list icons. Collection Types Screen: Added Collection Types list icons. Manage User Defined Tools Screen: Added User Defined Tools list icons. Collection item Screen: Added Collection item screen icon. Edit Collection items Screen: Moved buttons on Properties tab to top toolbar. Edit Collection items Screen: Moved buttons on Links tabs to top toolbar. Edit Collection items Screen: Moved buttons on Notes tabs to top toolbar. Edit Collection Items Screen: Moved buttons on Images tabs to top toolbar. Create New Collection Screen: Added screen icon and reorder screen. Add Information Page Screen: Added screen icon and reorder screen. Glossary Screen: Added folder screen and Glossary Item Screen screen icons. Text Assistant Screen: Added folder screen and Text Assistant Item Screen screen icons. Project Ideas Screen: Added folder screen and Project Idea Item Screen screen icons. Project Ideas Context Menu: Fixed missing icons in context menu. Close Collection Set Screen: Fixed issue with closing of Collection Navigator window. Close Application Message: Updated close application confirmation message box font and size. Collection Navigator Screen: Updated Collection Item icons. Collection Navigator Screen: Fixed enabled / disable issue with Delete Item button in toolbar and context menu. Collection Navigator Screen: Fixed incorrect Delete Information Page icon in context menu. Add / Edit Property Screen: Reorganised screen layout and functionality. Add / Edit Property Screen: Updated font size. Add / Edit Property Value Screen: Reorganised screen with improved layout and larger font. Edit Object Item Screen: Increased text size on tabs.

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