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My Collections Version 2.0

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

MORC Collections is proud to announce that an updated version of the My Collections application, version 2.0, will be released in late January 2020.

The updated version of MORC Creations My Collection application will contain the following new features:

1. Ability to add item tags and search on these tags.

2. New Search feature allowing you to search in one or more collection sets at any one time. You may search via collection item titles or property values.

3. New information page editor allowing you to put in fully editor information pages, similar to creating a page using Microsoft Word.

4. An all new dashboard showing stats and graphs for your collection sets.

5. Export collection items to new destinations, including email, pdf and word documents

In addition to these new application features the My Collections Version 2 product will contain the following updates:

1. Larger form buttons for easier use which may be turned on and off through the options section of the application.

2. Additional collection item property features.

3. Improved form docking functionality

4. Corrected tab name error

This release will also include a number of other update items as will be outlined in future blogs and the My Collections version 2 final release notes.

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