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New My Puppy Application!

Hi MORC Creations Followers,

Welcome to another MORC Creations February post. Today we would like to tell you about another new MORC Creations product coming out in April this year, “My Puppy”.

My Puppy Logo

My Puppy application is designed for all you dog lovers out there and is a Microsoft Windows based desktop application which stores and tracks a whole range of information about your beloved friend, including:

- General details:

o Name

o Dob

o Home address

- Weight and size measurements

- Sleeping habits

- Exercise regimes

- Training and Tricks

- Medical and vaccination records

- Financial expenditure

- One or more photo galleries

My Puppy Details

The application also includes an My Puppy Navigator which provides quick access to all your puppy information through a net tree structure.

My Puppy Navigator

The application is also fully configurable with additional fields being able to be added to all the main information screens

Watch this space for more details in the coming weeks.


MORC Creations

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