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Progress Of My Collections Version 2.0

MORC Creations new My Collections version 2 is now well underway with the following updates completed:

- Integration of new Information page editor resembling that found in Microsoft Word

- Integration of new dashboard functionality allowing the display of a graph showing the number of items in your collection(s) and collection stats.

- New search functionality allowing you to search across one or multiple collection sets at a time and allowing searching to be performed by title, property or links.

- Ability to add Meta Tags to Collection Items using user defined Tags.

- Option text labels now available for all toolbar buttons on docking forms - controlled through user form options.

- Larger docking form icons for easier user interfacing

- Updated superscript and subscript icons

- Fixed button name labelling for button customisation on all forms

The following application changes are still in development:

- Collection Items I want

- Menu and Toolbar user configuration save and restore

- Addition export types of PDF, Email and MS Word

- Ability to dock collection item property pages.

We at MORC Creations are extremely happy with this progress and are very much looking forward to releasing this product to you in late January 2020.


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