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Progress of Universe Builder Version 2.0

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Like My Collections version 2.0, the new Universe Builder version 2.0 is now well underway and is on track for release early next year.

So far the following new features have been completed in Universe Builder version 2.0:

- Addition of a new diagram editor to allow for the creation of your own diagrams.

New diagram editor

- Ability to hide and show button text on all docking forms. This can be set either through a product wide setting in the Form Options screen or independently on each of the docking forms.

Abilit to hide or show button text

Other completed product updates include:

- Redesigned user login screen

Redesigned Login screen

- Correction of Text Assistant "Copy To Clipboard" functionality so it is now only available when a Text Assistant text item is selected in the tree.

Items still in progress include:

- A script editor, compiler and execution engine which allows you to now write and run scripts against your universe to see how your universe behaves when various sets of actions take place.

New Script Editor, Compiler and Execution Engine all run from this form

- A new and configurable Universe Creation Wizard.

- Addition of new component to the Information Page Editor to provide editing ability similar to that of Microsoft Word.

Work is occurring on this product at a steady rate and over next few weeks further posts will be provided showing the ongoing progress of Universe Builder in preparation for release in early 2020.

For anybody who has already tried Universe Builder please provide feedback to us through our contact page if you have any items you wish to see added or changed. We will review all these items and where appropriate endeavour to add as many of these into this next release as possible!

Thanks everybody,



CEO MORC Creations

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