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Universe Builder Wizards Part 1

Following on from our last post relating to Universe Builder version 2,0 which will be coming out in the first quarter of 2020, this post updates you on the products development progress. This will be the first in a number of posts in which we will discuss the new Universe Builder Wizards which will be available in the next release of Universe Builder.

We are now about half way through creating the new Universe Building Wizard functionality. These new Universe Building Wizards come in two forms; internal universe builder wizards and user defined universe builder wizards. Like all wizards these wizards take you through the step-by-step process of creating your own universes.

The internal Universe Building wizards come in two forms; Sci-Fi and Fantasy Universe Builders. The wizards are predefined within the Universe Builder application and step you through a predefined universe building process. The basic screens of the internal Universe Builder Wizard are shown below..

Selecting and Naming Your Universe
Building Your Universe Structure
Adding Items to Your Universe

Users may also create their own Universe Building Wizards within the Universe Builder application. There are a number of new application screens which enable users to create, configure and manage their on universes. These include:

- Create New User Wizard: This screen allows for the creation of new User Wizard Builder Frameworks. Through this screen you may enter the Universe Builder Wizards Name and Description.

- Manage Existing User Universe Builder Wizards: This screen allows for the management of existing User Universe Builder Wizards. Functionality available on this screen includes; Renaming Wizards, Activating & Deactivating Wizards and Deleting Wizards.

- Manage Wizard Configuration: This screen allows for the creation and management of pages within each user defined Universe Builder Wizard. From this screen you may add and remove wizard pages, reorder pages, define page structures and fields and preview the completed wizard.

The new "Create Universe Using Universe Wizard" option is available directly from the Universe Builder application Home tab, as shown below. This option allows the choice of using either one of the internal application universe building wizards or one of the user defined Universe Builder Wizards, if any are available.

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