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Welcome to 2021!

Happy New Year everybody!!

Thankfully 2020 is finally over and lets all hope for better things to come in 2021!

Fortunately, here in Australia we are doing much better with COVID-19 than in many other countries. MORC Creations we would like to send our best wishes to everybody who has been affected by COVID either personally or with their employment or work.

Here at MORC Creations we spent many months last year with staff at home and without our normal contractors, so we are now happy to announce that we are beginning to pick things up again as 2021 begins and we have great hopes for this year.

So, what’s happening at MORC Creations in 2021?

Throughout 2021 there will be regular new product releases as shown below:

  • March: Slot Cars version 1.1. release

  • April: My Collections version 2.0 release

  • May: My Novel Writer Version 3.0 release

My Research Tracker Version 3.0 release

  • August: Universe Builder version 3.0 Release

  • September: New My Club Manager Version 1.0 product release

Our MORC Creations website now includes a new free downloads section. As a start this section already includes free copies of all our product manuals in pdf format. Over the course of the next few months this section will be extended to include additional new product manuals as they become available, along with product tutorials and other interesting resources. You can review currently available documents at

During the next month we will also be introducing a new Links section to our website. This new section will provide links to internet sites and resources that may be of interest to people who use our products, such as writer, collectors, universe builders and researchers.

This year MORC Creations has launched MORC Creations Digital Online and Social Media Marketing service. This new division of MORC Creations now offers full social media marketing services and digital services to our clients. More information on this can be found at our new Online and Digital Marketing website located at . Please peruse our new website and consider us for your social media.

Our new weekly posts, every Friday, throughout this year will cover a range of topics from New Product Features and Release Notes, to White Papers and general topics of interest to our followers.

So, we wish you all the very best for 2021 and hope you can all get back to a happy and stable life again this year. We look forward to having you join us in our weekly post and blog journey throughout 2021.




MORC Creations Software

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