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What’s happened at MORC Creations in 2021

Hi MORC Creations followers,

Hoping your year has started well and you are keeping any New Year’s resolution you made for 2021.

We are now nearly 2 weeks into 2021 and MORC Creations is well into our task set for 2021.

So, what’s happened in the first 2 weeks of 2021 at MORC Creations?

Well, we have finished all My Slot Cars development work and are now working to finalise the user help file. We then need to create the sample database and installer and then we will be ready for the product release in March.

We have created a new Downloads section on our MORC Creations website located at and have uploaded PDF versions of each of our product manuals. You will find more items available here over the next few months.

We have made a good start on our new My Club Manager desktop and online product. We’ve almost completed functional and design documents for both the Windows desktop and online product versions and have the basic framework for the desktop version up and running with login screens and menus.

We’ve hired a new part-time contractor Eric to come onboard and help build our new online My Club Manager website and help with the creation of some of our Windows product installers.

I have also started working on the following white papers which will also be available through our MORC Creations download section:

- MORC Creations Digital Online & Social Media Marketing

- Introduction to using the My Slot Cars application

Our MORC Creations Digital Online & Social Media Marketing website is complete and up and running and we have already had some enquiries for work coming through. Our new Digital Online & Social Media Marketing website is at

Please get in contact with us for your Social Media or Digital Development work.

We will continue to provided updates on product development and happenings at MORC Creations through our blogs on the last each Friday of each month starting in February.

Happy 2021 everybody!



MORC Creations

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