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MORC Creations is proud to announce that as of the 10th February 2020 we will be offering for sale 20,000 shares in our company. If you have ever dreamed of owning a part of a software company then this is your chance.

What are we offering?

MORC Creations is offering up 20,000 shares at a cost of $5 per share. This represents around a 40% value of our company

How did we come to that amount of shares and company value?

The following demonstrates how we arrived at these figures:


  1. Current Products 

  • Universe Builder - valued at 25,000

  • My novel writer - valued at 20,000

  • My research tracker - valued at 20,000

  • My collections - valued at 25,000

  • My collections hub online - valued at 25,000

  • Give Love A Second Chance - valued at 40,000

  2. New Products Still In Development

  • My slot cars - Due for release 1st quarter this year -  valued at 15,000

  • My slot car club - release 1st quarter this year - valued at 15,000

  • My Research Tracker - release 2nd quarter this year - valued at 15,000

  • My help builder -release 2nd quarter this year - valued at 15,000

  3. Product Updates In Development

  • Universe Builder Version 2 - Valued as part of existing product

  • My Collections Version 2 - Valued as part of existing product

  • My Novel Writer - version 3 - Valued as part of existing product

  • My Research Tracker - Version 2 - Valued as part of existing product


  4. Company Equipment 

  • This includes computers, printers, NAS units and other computer and office items - Valued at approximately $30,000

Total Value of these items = 255,000 which we rounded down to $250,000

What do I get for my money?

  • A % ownership of a running and viable software company

  • A digital shares certificate

  • A weekly update report on company stats and product development

  • A Quarterly sales report

  • For people with >100 shares ($500) - a copy of each of the currently releases software products.

How will my money be spent?

  • Product completion - dev, help files, installers, dev tools,  etc

  • Website updates

  • Social media items - facebook, linked-in, instagram, twitter


What returns will you get on my money?

Every 6 months MORC CReations will do a finacial reveiw and profita nd loss evaluation. Depending on you share holding then you will rceive that percentage return of the profits of the company

For example of you have 2000 shares then this is 10% of the publically available shares. 

if morc creations profit for the 6 months is $50,000 then you will receive the following:

the public share % of morc creations is 50%, so 50% of the overall profits will be available tot he public share holders = $25,000

if you have 10% of the publically available shares then for this time period you would receive $2,500 return

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