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Note: Once you've purchased a version of this product you will then receive an email containing a link to the location where you can download the product. 

If you're into sci-fi and fantasy games, Universe Builder is the application for you! Use it to build your very own fantasy or sci-fi universes for a novel you're working on, or for building a new game to share with friends or the world! Universes created with the Universe Builder software may be of any size from a room right up to a full galaxy.


  • Create multiple universes 

  • Create multiple objects, i.e. planets, alien life forms and vehicles.

  • Assign customisable Action Types and Rules to your objects, i.e. the object can run, fly or rotate.

  • Create object templates to allow you to pre-configure objects of different types to use within your universe.

  • insert images into any object item within your universe.

  • Link your Universe Builder application with your external tools and open these tools directly from the Universe Builder Tools tab.

  • Launch Office apps, such as Word, Excel, Outlook.

  • You can fully configure Universe Builder including the form names, field labels and the tool tips.

  • You may also add additional properties and fields to any of the universe creations forms within the Universe Builder application.

  • Export your universe to other formats such as Text or XML.




  • If you are writing sci-fi or fantasy book or game then can map out your universe in advance so can layout characters places, events and relationships

  • You can define relationships between different characters and locations

  • Can define rules as to what objects in your universe can do – objects may be anything such as characters, vehicles, spaceships, planet, weapons or whatever you like.

  • Can create customised objects of any type – these objects include properties, descriptions, links, actions and rules.


The Universe Builder application includes a full help system. Using F1 on any of the Universe Builder screens will take you directly to the help for that screen.

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