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MORC Creations in September

So what’s happening in MORC Creations in September?

Heading for our November release of Universe Builder development continues to move forward and on track. This will be our last release for 2021. But don't worry were already well into planning and setting up for a great 2022. With 3 new products coming out: Grabit, My Project and My Help builder and a great set of enhancement to all our other products. Just check out our proposed 2022 release roadmap here.

But don't despair they're still lots more fantastic posts, competitions, sale and giveaways coming, just keep checking with our Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and Instagram pages to see more of Lauren's great posts and even some surprise new events

So, keep checking back with us throughout the coming months what’s happening at MORC Creations.

John Gill


MORC Creations Software

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